The premium, 7-part Mastery Program that will empower you to build a successful, lucrative writing career

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Are you toying with the idea of making a career out of writing, but you’re not sure how to even start?

Do you love to write but you’re feeling so blocked and unoriginal?

One too many rejection emails? Are you burning out?

And most importantly, is your writing dial holding limply at “okay” when you’d really like to be at a blazing, neon, highly-published “AMAZING!!”?

No matter where you are in your writing career, this high-touch, premium program from world-class writer Riva Pomerantz will change your life.

In this comprehensive course featuring SEVEN, LIVE masterclasses, Riva Pomerantz will be revealing, for the very first time, how to:

–          Build true confidence—the contagious kind that gets you consistently published

–          Establish a lucrative, flexible career in writing (Spoiler alert: there definitely IS money in writing, and a lot of it!)

–          Get your creativity flowing in a way you never thought possible

–          Take your writing skills to the next level and beyond

Now you, too, can discover the secrets of writing professionally—the tricks that only the top-tier writers have at their fingertips. This is NOT a writing course on fiction techniques or how to write proper prose; this is a complete, step-by-step induction into becoming a well-paid, inspired, professional writer.

With Riva’s inimitable style and trademark warmth and humor, this Mastery course will give you everything you need to build a lucrative, successful writing career.

Here’s What You Get:

–          Seven Weekly, Live, 2-hour Masterclasses taught exclusively by renowned writer Riva Pomerantz

–          Replays to all classes with lifetime access

–          Lifetime access to all slides and printouts

–          Live Q&A following each class

–          Weekly assignments to concretize and practice the material learned in each class

–          Complimentary lifetime access to Masterpiece, my boutique online community for frum writers around the world.

Now here’s the thing: Because this is a premium program, and because I truly want to give maximum attention to every single member of this course so she can achieve incredible success, I am limiting enrolment to just TWENTY women. Once registration closes, it’s over and you’ve missed your chance to join. I have to be honest here. I have a lot of projects in the pipeline and I really don’t know when I will be offering this special opportunity again, so if you’re serious about turning your writing talent into a lucrative source of parnassah, this is an opportunity you DO NOT want to miss.

I’ll be officially opening registration this coming Sunday, but I wanted to give you first dibs on the limited spots. This is a small investment in a flexible, fulfilling, well-paying career, and you’ll be reaping enormous returns—right away!

The cost for this exclusive, career course is just $1500 for over SEVENTEEN HOURS of live, expert instruction and complete access to Riva Pomerantz. This investment will pay off a hundredfold when you immediately launch your lucrative, flexible career where you can have a blast even as you change the world!

Plus, I have a special bonus for you. I’m giving all Mastery students a complimentary, 3-month membership to Masterpiece (www.rivapomerantz.com/masterpiece) , my online writing community, where you can talk shop, collaborate, and connect with some of the most talented writers in the frum world. (That’s a $60 value!) This way you’ll have a community to cheer you on as you catapult yourself into a totally different sphere, taking your writing, your creativity, and your confidence to heights you never thought you could achieve.

Don’t miss this opportunity! When registration closes, it’s gone, and I don’t know when I’ll be offering it again.

I hope to see YOU in one of those special 20 spots. It will change your life. Guaranteed!

Much love,


Cost: $1500

Register by May 25 and SAVE $250!