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Inspired kosher creativity at your fingertips. Now that’s a bright idea!

Why Us?

As purveyors of the only learning platform that caters exclusively to the international frum community, you know that our courses deliver top-notch content without compromising on values, halacha or hashkafa.

Excellence You Can Trust

Start expanding your horizons and change your life today with a course tailor-made for you.

Expert Teachers

We’ve culled the best, most professional teachers in the field to bring you content that really shines.

Convenient, Constant Access

Watch from your bedroom or your living room, any time of day or night. Instant inspiration and innovation.

How Does it Work?

Simply sign up and start purchasing your courses today. Buy a single course or load up your cart for a delicious mind-binge. You’ll get lifetime access to all your courses so you can watch them at your leisure. Many courses come with quizzes, tests, and certificates of completion. Each course also has a discussion feature where you can share your passion with other like-minded frum students from around the world.

Our Amazing Courses

Here are just some of our featured courses. We’re constantly updating our collection so check back often. You’ll meet some of the biggest names in Jewish music, art, writing, cooking, and more, up-close and personal!

Creative Writing with Riva Pomerantz

Meditative Journaling with Yocheved Rottenberg

Music & Songwriting
with Ari Goldwag

What People Are Saying

It’s the next big thing, and it’s guaranteed to upgrade your life and expand your horizons. Join our happy, inspired students and take a course today.

It’s the frum version of Udemy or Lynda. What a brilliant idea!
M. P.
United States
I like how I don’t have to leave home to attend a class, and I don’t even need to get on a Zoom call. All the content is available right when I need it. It’s this incredible opportunity to learn new things, in a frum environment. No more excuses!
Quality content that’s completely kosher and available wherever you are, whenever you want. What a game-changer! Highly recommend.
A. G.
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