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Skillnosh Marketplace: Where frum creatives inspire and prosper.

All highly-experienced, talented, frum creatives, male and female, who deliver high-end, engaging, professional content in video form that is tailor-made for the global frum community. We are open to featuring all creative arenas, from cooking and gardening to writing and editing, painting, needlepoint, cake-decorating, crafting, and music. You can also market your courses that deliver professional instruction in a creative arena, such as a graphics design course, a copywriting course, or a course in interior decorating, for example. We are open to hearing all your great ideas! 

There is no minimum or maximum limit on how many lessons your course must contain. Courses can be comprised of one, single, dynamite workshop (eg. “Write a Blockbuster Resume Today!”), or they can be made up of dozens of modules/lessons. While courses should be given over in video format, accompanying print materials such as handouts are definitely a bonus and can be uploaded to the e-learning system easily and quickly.

You are in charge of your course, wholly and completely. You set the price you’d like to charge, you upload your own courses, and you manage your own enrollment. Our sophisticated e-learning system is easy to use and will take you through the ropes quickly and thoroughly. We will receive a 25% commission on each course sold, which means we only make money when you make money. Payouts are calculated automatically by the system and are direct-deposited into the bank account you specify upon signup. 

Although these are the initial terms we are offering to course creators, we reserve the right to change them for new instructors at any time in the future. 

Please note that Skillnosh assumes no responsibility or liability in regards to issues of taxation and income reporting; these matters are solely and completely the instructor’s responsibility.

Skillnosh Marketplace will service the global frum community—men, women, teens and kids, with niche courses serving a specific population such as teenagers or women. Every course creator can restrict content to a niche audience as s/he wishes. (Courses marketed to a certain niche will require students to sign an affidavit affirming they meet the criteria for enrolment.)

We will be marketing the Marketplace in a variety of ways, including through our own email lists and social media reach. However, each course creator will also engage in his or her own marketing streams, which is a win-win for us all. The more cross-pollination that occurs, the more lucrative an environment we create for each other. This is another beautiful aspect to the Skillnosh Marketplace: the virtually infinite opportunity to partner together to serve our community doing what we love, creating a passive revenue stream.

You do not need to hire a professional videographer to produce your workshops. However, we will be vetting all courses to ensure they are on par with our high standards and any course that is not user-friendly, engaging, and professional will not be accepted. While the occasional stutter is understandable, if there are awkward pauses or intrusions or if the style is too “blabbering” without structure or direction, it’s not what we’re looking for. We believe that the global frum community deserves top-tier content and we look forward to providing it. If you need help creating your content, reach out to us for a list of professionals who can help you through the process. If you’d like to DIY, try the new video editing software included in Windows 10, which is very powerful and easy to learn. (You can find it on your Start menu, blandly named Microsoft Video Editor, a replacement for the former Windows Movie Maker.) Background music, special effects, and cutting-edge techniques will definitely make your video course more attractive to potential students.

You’re definitely not alone; many creatives echo your concern. We suggest that you approach this opportunity from a different angle. Instead of thinking about “creating a course”, which might sound intimidating and overwhelming,  simply think about taking students through the process of what you do, in a clear and natural way, as though you were giving a speech, a presentation, or a workshop/demo. Don’t overthink it. Create an outline, even if it’s in point-form, about what you’d like to talk about. Then stand up there, in front of the video camera or webcam, and just speak about your area of expertise with all the passion and heart that will come naturally to you. There’s nothing that speaks to an audience like real, down-to-earth wisdom. Be honest about your struggles and your triumphs and how you navigated them. Give your students pointers and your trade secrets. Speak from a place of excitement and clarity and your content will be amazing.

If you need help creating your course, reach out to us for professional recommendations by clicking here. (link to info@rivapomerantz..com)

You may want to check out some of these resources to get some tips:



Just keep in mind: investing in creating a course for a platform like this is literally like planting a money tree. It will just keep bearing fruit without you putting any more effort into it! It’s well worth it!

All video courses on Skillnosh are viewable but not downloadable. This means that students will have lifetime access to the courses they purchase, but they will not be able to pass them on to others or transfer the content elsewhere. This is an anti-theft measure and it helps ensure that your content is protected.

You retain full copyright of your work when you post it on the Marketplace. We will occasionally feature samples of courses on the site in marketing materials, but we will never post full versions of any course without permission from the creator. All videos will be securely stored on and accessed from the powerful Vimeo Pro server.

Creatives who market their courses on their own platforms are also free to sell on Skillnosh as well.

Please ask about our in-depth tour of the Skillnosh Marketplace so you can see the array of features we offer, as well as our easy-to-use Instructor Dashboard where you can manage your courses independently. In the meantime, here are some of the great features we offer our instructors on the Skillnosh Marketplace:

  • Easy-to-use quiz creation wizard
  • Drip content option (eg. A lesson a week)
  • Certificates of completion creation wizard
  • Teacher-Student interaction (Optional)
  • Student progress reports
  • Automated revenue reports
  • Automatic payout to instructors

There will be many well-known experts selling their courses on Skillnosh, but we also welcome workshops from creatives who can deliver professional presentations but don’t yet have a vast following. We are interested in amazing content. If you’ve got it, we want it! In addition to course creators coming to sell their courses, we will also be creating a community for the instructors to come together to enrich themselves and renew their creativity as well. We hope to create retreats for our instructors and special opportunities as the project takes off, b’ezras Hashem.

We will not be restricting different creators in the same space from offering their courses, as we believe that everyone’s style, delivery, and knowledge is unique and there is always more to learn. And, of course, we believe that, “

If you want to know what’s already available on Skillnosh in your field, you are welcome to view the courses already posted so you can put some thought into creating or marketing your content in a way that it will stand out.

If you are considered, in your community, to be a frum person then you are welcome to pitch your course to Skillnosh. Needless to say, all course creators must respect Torah halacha and hashkafah in every course they teach, and anything questionable will be immediately removed. All course creators should be modestly dressed and use appropriate language and expressions for a mainstream frum audience. Of course, any kind of slander or lashon hara is prohibited. This includes critiquing other creatives or competitors. We cater to a wide variety of students and hope to accommodate their sensitivities, including those from chassidishe, yeshivish, and  Modern Orthodox communities. Of course, if you have a question on this topic, just ask.

Thanks for your interest in the Skillnosh Marketplace, where frum creatives inspire and prosper. Please fill out this form in full. Please allow up to 2 weeks for us to review your application.
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