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  • A Willing Pen

    July 7, 2020 at 11:30 pm

    Thanks for breaking the ice on this thread HappiWriter! Yes!! I love this writing tip as well. I’ve tried it a couple of times, especially with poetry and it’s been fun and challenging and quite satisfactory. A similar tip I heard, was just to sit and type a couple of pages of the actual author’s writing to get a feel for the voice, flow and style.

    A while back I came across this very free kind of writing style, a cross between poetry, spoken poetry and prose. I had a tremendous itch to try it and the actual act of writing in that style was so fun and freeing and creative. I’m posting here, although I’m hoping that I’m not diverting the thread. . . ‘Cuz I think that a number of Masterpiece members would love to try their hands at  M. Kenan’s style. . .

    Tell Me A Story In Riddles

    Tell me a story in riddles

    With my mind trailing behind you like the tail of a diamond kite, in delicious anticipation.  Of flying, of breadth, of vistas. Like a skipping child, keeping time with her daddy’s longer stride. On the way to the candy store, or is it a hike? leave the blanks. So I can fill them in with me and then the you and me become, and there is just the stream in the woods, that is the stream of words, that is the story, that is us.

    Take me along on your story

    Unravel the tightly knit cardigan so I can feel the itchy wool, or was it a soft angora? against my cheek, and hear the tic, tic, clicking of the needles that sooth the stabs with their rhythm – steady, predictable, soft with a hardness, and help me the smell the acid of winds that unraveled and see the glimmer in the thread of hope that has kept you hanging on. Walk the path you’ve trodden. Take me, but don’t give me heed, and then your story, which is mine, has been reborn and is alive for a purpose.

    Bequeath to me your story

    It’s a gift where both receive. And in doing so you tie the ribbon of common thread on humanity. But don’t wrap it up and tie it with a bow. Because Life.  Keeps the fringes flying in the wind on the tail of the kite as my story soars and dips and dips and soars and plunges. Lifeless. And feels the wind in its sails and flutters off again.

    Tell me my story in riddles

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