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  • A Willing Pen

    July 5, 2020 at 11:36 pm

    Aaah I so want to be a part of this and write a story for the contest but we’re bH making sheva brachos twice in the next few weeks, my kids are all still home, including two daughters who are meant to be going to seminary but haven’t been given a start date yet, but still need all the stuff, and you’re all making me jealous!
    But it’s great because it’s making me really really want to write even though I wish that I didn’t!! And I just know that one of these nights somebody’s gonna be up veeeeery late typing on her Ipad  all night because of a bunch of incredibly talented women on Masterpiece who wouldn’t stop talking about this contest!

    That said, I wish all my fellow writers hatzlocho with their entries and that they (and maybe even I?) should enjoy THE PROCESS because whether or not we win, just by writing and submitting we have honed a skill and brought our writing to a better level.

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