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  • Kayla-Oppenheimer

    July 2, 2020 at 10:10 pm

    [quote quote=19722]Ooh, I loved ‘The Doll People’ into teenagehood! And I just remembered another favorite: The ‘Wayside School’ books (collections of comical short stories), about a school with 30 floors, one classroom on each, but no 19th. All the stories are the adventures of the class on the 30th floor (which you get to know very well) and their quirky teachers. Also loved the Rats of Nimh series, about a family of mice and lab rats, a whole adventure. If I remember correctly, I think it’s a trilogy. Junie B. Jones I read from 1st-10th grade (no joke!). And Boxcar Children I probably read until around 6th. And Magic Treehouse… I knew every one of those by heart in second grade, and I used to be the first in the library the day the new ones were published (probably until 7th grade, I used to secretly take them from my brother’s room when he was asleep and devour them in one sitting). And I guess your daughter’s too old for Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, but I think I read those through high school, too (and I remember my father sneaking some peaks here and there, marveling at the ingenuity). Some books are just too good, you never outgrow them. This is so nostalgic for me; I’m loving this thread![/quote]

    How do you manage to pinpoint exactly my daughter’s sense of humor? The Wayside School Series, sounds from your description like a great read, I”d read it myself just for relaxation. Also the Rats of Nimh series, I think she’d enjoy too.  We ordered a few from Amazon, this afternoon.

    The Magic Tree House Series, my daughter read when she was younger 2nd or 3rd grade, enjoyed them too, the fact that she could learn about new places in the world , scientific stuff all whilst enjoying a good story.

    I know what you mean about books being so good, that one never outgrows them, I have a whole bunch of authors I discovered when I was a teenager, early twenties, I could read books by these authors, again and again , deriving something different each time I read the book again.

    Mrs. Piggle Wiggle sounds hilarious just from the title, it’s always good to relax and shake off adulthood and go back into the world of children once in awhile.


    [quote quote=19732]I second Ticket to Life. Both my 4th grade sister and my mother loved it (that says something about the author)!

    Well that certainly does say something about the author.  From the blurb I read it seems to be quite a hair raising thriller.

    Onions Always Make Me Cry was a favorite of mine for years. It’s short stories geared for tweens, and each one is masterfully created.[/quote]

    That sounds like a good read. I googled it and I think it’s over 50 dollars because it’s not printed anymore. In all my research for these books I discovered a very handy website called bookfinder.com which gives you all the booksellers and second hand book stores that sell  a book one is looking for and also gives you the price too.

    Abebooks.com, is also a good website to get out of print books in  new format or almost new. I used to use that website when I was in England. I think Abebooks.com originates in England and now has branches all across the world.

    Thanks for all your responses and suggestions and for sharing some of your childhood memories, Anagrammer. I seem to have created a storm of responses with this thread. I never expected to get so many responses. I’ve been looking for at least 6 months and now I have so many different suggestions and resources to find the books.



    [quote quote=19752]Jewish Girls Around The World series is an enjoyable read and also very educational![/quote]

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