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  • Fiction Fangirl

    June 29, 2020 at 1:26 pm

    Follow up time!

    Ladies and gals, I apologize for not getting here sooner to grab a megaphone and hop onto the stage to thank each one of you personally for motivating me:

    Esther, I’m starting to think I was paid as the mascot for Nike.  I’m in total Just Do It mode.  Baruch Hashem, first draft done; first round of revisions underway!  *takes a sip of coffee and revs up my engine*

    Elisheva, I’m raising a l’chaim for your cheering.  Hope you haven’t yelled yourself hoarse!  You’re a great pal.

    Enjoys Writing, I say give it all you got *hums 8th day’s harmonies*  You’re terribly brave for being a rejection survivor and forging forward.  Hat’s off to you.

    HappiWriter, here’s a secret:  I was super disappointed for missing the deadline last year but that was the turning point for me when I started taking writing seriously.  I hope I’ve made great strides this year, too.

    Annagrammer, I’m a girl of surprises.  Glad this one delighted you!  I’m praying for your nes.  Did any miracle happen since you last posted here?  My fervent wish is you’d say YES!

    Sury, awww!  British luck!  *heart eye emoji overdose*.  Thanks for the support and kind words, girl.

    Esther, you’re a warrior.  I’m ready to sit near your feet in humble submissiveness to be a recipient of your rejection-proof wisdom.

    Leahle, age shouldn’t keep you back from actualizing your dream.  Your mom sounds like an awesome woman for supporting you like that.  Keep going and Just Do It!

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