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  • Elisheva

    June 25, 2020 at 1:49 am

    FFGirl, you gotta do this! Even though you havn’t really posted any work on masterpiece, even from just your comments  I can see you’ve got talent. Major talent.

    But yea, I can totally relate. Rejection is mortifying. I had it happen to me so many times, I might just be immune by now.

    Just today I got a short story idea for the Ami contest and my first thought was- ‘that’s a crazy idea-if you send in that story, make sure it gets published with a pen name’ In fact, I prefer publishing with a pen name for that reason…but maybe that’s why there’s such a lack of good quality Jewish fiction- we are so quick to dismiss our ideas, they never make it past the first draft, if even to that.

    We’re cheering you on FFgirl!


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