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  • Fayge Y.

    June 19, 2020 at 1:01 pm

    [quote quote=19084]

    What I’m saying is, to just have your character learn their theme through Torah study isn’t enough if they have emotional issues…as we see, many kids go off the derech from Torah teachers who do not practice what they preach…”

    If that’s true, then the problem only lies with the teachers themselves. It has nothing to do with Torah study. It’s sad but true that most of what I attribute to my strong Emuna now is from what I read on my own, out of school. And I felt so ripped off, realizing that this was exactly what would have helped me survive my school years. Only it was never taught to us. If a kid is disillusioned with Hashem, it’s not because of lack of emotional health. It’s because the kid doesn’t understand Who Hashem Is. It’s impossible to for someone to feel upset at Hashem, and by extension terrible about themselves, unless they don’t fully know what Hashem is, aka, the foundations of emuna. The point I want to make is, Torah is the foundation of emotional health, not the other way around. Rav Shalom Arush explains this point very clearly in Garden of Emuna.[/quote]


    Again, this could be fascinating to explore for a writer of fiction.

    I heard a concept oh, about 20 years ago, that made me think, why didn’t I hear this 20 years before when I really needed it. I think I got a different, more open education than you did, and would like to think I might have heard it before. In any case, the formal education I got was still a great foundation for the informal education I’ve chose to get since then.

    Edited to add: Wow, C.K. said it so much better.

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