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  • Elisheva Halle

    June 18, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    Ha Ha I love debating, but I don’t want to turn this forum into a psychology one (although I do think that to write a really good novel a person needs to understand how people work!) so I will try to bring this back to writing a novel.

    We actually see  from the Torah itself that a person’s perception of Hashem comes from the authority figures in their life. The fifth commandment, to honor our parents, is placed on the right side of the aseres hadibros together with the other bein adam l’makom mitzvos instead of on the left side with the bein adam l’chaveiro mitzvos because our first understanding of who Hashem is and how Hashem behaves comes from our parents, the first authority figures in our life, therefore showing honor to parents is like honoring Hashem himself. This plays out in many ways. Someone who suffers from OCD around mitzvos, for example, probably feels that Hashem is out to get him, or someone who feels like Hashem doesn’t care about what they want so there is no use davening probably grew up with authority figures who didn’t care about what they wanted, etc etc. Many emotional issues can be traced to this, to a person feeling life isn’t safe because they don’t understand who Hashem really is and who they really are- a neshama that is pure good and a chelek of Hashem! If a person doesn’t realize that about themselves, that they are pure good, they will not be able to connect to Hashem- if you hate yourself, how can you love Hashem?

    Anyways, back to writing a novel- If a character is having an emotional issue, then to have their problem solved solely through having them connect to Hashem isn’t realistic. There should be a lot going on that pushes them to solve their problem- people who show up in their life who teach them that life is safe, life is good, there should be a lot of mistakes trying to fix things the wrong way, the character should also be slowly trying to deepen their relationship with Hashem and then failing since they aren’t there yet, and then with the resolution, the character can connect to Hashem in a deep way since they finally learned who Hashem really is and what Hashem really wanted from them all along.

    What I’m saying is, to just have your character learn their theme through Torah study isn’t enough if they have emotional issues…as we see, many kids go off the derech from Torah teachers who do not practice what they preach…

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