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  • HappiWriter

    June 15, 2020 at 3:41 pm

    Word Warrior, LOL, Zombie Rebbe!!! I’m cracking up…
    StoryLuver, I totally remember those serials. I think because they were so different, they’re extra memorable. My family didn’t get the Bina, but whenever I managed to get my hands on it, the first story I turned to was Dare to Dream.Maybe I’m just venting, but are the frum bookshelves doomed to be no more imaginative than shidduchim and mental health issues? There are so many wonderful subjects that can be explored through fantasy. Some people (like me) want reading to take them on a journey — far away from the problems of real life.
    This is making me think about The Marvelous Middos Machine? Music coming out of a cereal box is certainly supernatural. I never heard anyone complaining about the Marvelous Middos Machine, though. Is fantasy only okay for kids? hmm…

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