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  • A Willing Pen

    June 10, 2020 at 9:32 pm

    Haha I’m so behind on my posts!

    Classic me catching up on a deadline lol. Great way to boost our activity, this.

    So yeah, I’m not going to believe the 42 statement, but I will take you literally and get an extra post: “You look really skinny!”

    Where can I buy a mug 🙂

    And, I think if I think about it, I imagined you dark with a perfectly coiffed shaitel (was this a description you used for one of your characters? Sorry, I gave it to you) and I assumed you wouldn’t be this approachable, friendly and easy to talk to. You’re right, probably the mysterious aura famous person vibe.

    Someone on the nshei is selling your book Enough 🙂 I’m like, I KNOW HER! HA!

    Points for me 🙂

    You know-not contest points. Just general life points 🙂

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