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  • Kayla-Oppenheimer

    June 10, 2020 at 9:18 pm

    I once wrote a poem with a words that might have been understandable, but not commonly used and  imagery  that one had to twist one’s mind to figure out what I was talking about.

    This was the poem I wrote for the assignment:

    Sardonic, volatile waves of anger
    spewing out volcanic cynicism,
    cling to him like a second skin
    bushy eyebrows survey the world
    small fish darting haphazardly escaping; at times lulled by
    the tantalizing bait of superiority he slowly lets down
    fools society with intelligence – fangs of poison,
    sows seeds of disenchantment,
    skin deep perspective, shallow, hollow, no substance;
    smooth talker – slippery like an eel
    black and white straight and narrow type of guy
    tows the party line, you surmise,
    swooping down enmeshing you
    dripping with charisma
    deceit and treachery tools of his trade

    And this was the poetry teacher’s response more or less, which I think is an interesting take on using language that one’s brain is twisted to figure out what an earth the writer is conveying.

    Words can be eloquent and pretty. If I need to translate a word (in my mind) then I must stop reading the poem, recall the definition, put it into context and read it again. If I have to look it up, I may not come back to the poem. You can use everyday words in an eloquent way.  You have lost me half way through the poem here. I love flexing my vocabulary but I won’t use more than one word that will possibly go over their head. If you want to introduce an odd word, then make sure that the rest of the thought or sentence can support it”


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