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  • A Willing Pen

    June 10, 2020 at 2:15 pm

    I did this with my family as an activity about a month ago.. and we submitted it to the contest. Amazing how even my four year old picked up on a whole new vocabulary.
    We had so much fun doing this, and it gives the kids opportunities to ask about words they may hear floating around but they do not exactly understand he meaning. I love words and I can get emotional when talking about word choices, I guess thats why I am on this site.. hey maybe I should write an essay on that.. good idea for next time I carve out time to write.

    I am not so thrilled with J-x- or Y so if anyone has any vocab words to add.


    A- antibodies, amazon, and apples
    B- bats and backyard chasuna
    C- carona- covid- China –Conference calls
    D-doctors – distance learn – dry coughs
    E- ease restrictions, executive order, and eat
    F- faucci, fever, free food, and flatten the curve
    G- gloves and germs.
    H- hygiene, Hatzala, high risk, and hydrochloriquine
    I- immunity and intubated
    J- Jailed indoors
    K- K95 mask
    L- layoffs, lab, and lockdown
    M- mask
    N- negative, New Normal, non essential.
    O- oxygen
    P- pandemic , pajamas, PPP, price gauging, plasma, purell , and personal protective equipment.
    Q- quarantine
    R- Re-opening – respirators
    S- stimulus, stay at home, social distancing, six feet, second wave, symptoms. Screen time.
    T- technical difficulties, task force, toilet paper, telemedicine, testing.
    U- unemployment and unprecedented
    V- vaccine, virtual, ventilator-and virus,
    W- WHO and Wuhan
    X- Xrays of chest- xeptional first responders and medical staff.
    Y- yearning for the old normal life
    Z- zoom and zelensky and zink

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