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  • StoryLuver

    May 26, 2020 at 8:03 pm

    I can follow up on Happiwriter’s thread,  since it has nothing to do with mine, right? So, here goes…

    “So what happened?” her brother asked when she reappeared in their bedroom.  “Did you manage to rescue Don Manuel from the Inquisitors?”

    “No,” she sighed,  plopping down onto her bedspread. “Some horses ate up all the popcorn.  I think we need a better bribe.”

    “Not my flashlight!” her brother hissed. He hugged the tool to his chest.

    “Well, what else?” she insisted. “It’s the best thing. I mean… Unless…” Her face wrinkled in consternation. “We can’t do that,  right? It’s too crazy. No, that’s just insane. ”

    “What? What? Tell me!” he begged. “What’s your idea?”


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