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  • A Willing Pen

    May 26, 2020 at 2:42 am


    I was definitely intimidated by the thought of publishing a novel. It seemed so big and scary…as though you had to be supernaturally talented to be published! At least, that’s how it felt to me.
    But – like so many other things in life – it only seems impossible until it’s done!

    I found visualization to be very helpful in combating that inner voice. Imagine seeing – and holding! – your very own book in your hands, with your words written inside.
    (Sounds crazy, right? It still feels like a dream to me! Maybe after writing 12 books, like Riva, it becomes normal… 🙂 )
    Imagine walking into your local bookstore and seeing piles of your book on the shelves. Imagine seeing it in the library, with a library card and number. Imagine opening up a magazine and seeing an ad for your novel. Visualize it in full detail – because it WILL happen!

    Even if you don’t feel like you’re getting somewhere – stay consistent with your writing. Get those chapters out. It helps to set deadlines.
    Surround yourself with positive feedback, and people who believe in you. Like Masterpiece 🙂

    Be passionate about your story. Your characters are waiting for the world to know of their struggles and triumphs – and you’re the only one who can give voice to them.

    (By the way, I love “Flowers Fade”. Your style is magnificent! Keep it up!)

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