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  • Fiction Fangirl

    May 22, 2020 at 2:26 am

    Pickupapen, can you lend your magic potion for being able to fathom writing for hours and hours on end without stopping?  Because the only time I word-vomited ten pages was like?  Only once?  And my hand hurt real bad so I had to stop?  You’re a fire, gal.  Glad you’re here to share your energy and enthusiasm with this group!

    I can say I write for myself but then there’s this part in me who would love to share my stuff with others.  Is it a need for acknowledgment?  An authentic pleasure in watching others enjoy quality literature (I wish!)?  Are you trying to share a message, teach a lesson to the world, or inspire others?  Do you write as a cathartic release?

    Seems like it’s best to adjust ‘submission guidelines’ according to the audience.

    Have you considered the possibility of self-publishing your work?  Not speaking out of experience here but I assume you don’t have to adhere to restrictive guidelines outlined by frum publishers who need to cater to the sensitive needs of the frum oilam?  Anyone mind jumping in here?


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