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  • A Willing Pen

    May 6, 2020 at 1:28 pm


    I am writing. I would love to write from my soul, to grip people all over the world, transport them to another time and another land. To fly away from their daily life to a make believe dream place where things that happen resonate with them and they feel all their dreams stir within them like a sleeping dragon.
    The dragon is chained with ropes of fear, anger, despair, jealousy and deep self-hatred. Who can free the dragon to fly? If a single shining starry light can come down into the deep dark hole and give the dragon hope, perhaps reflected in its huge glassy orb eyes the light will flare and it would somehow see that the way up is not closed, he is only trapped by his own chains. He just needs to want to fly up, up out into the deep purple universe.
    So he stretches his wings with hope and yes! The chains crumble. They are rusted through and he gives a great leap of faith and follows his star up into the heart of the volcano until he bursts free into the sky and wondrously he is a beautiful, golden creature spiralling, not the monster that he thought he was; No! He is a beautiful angelic creature that is finally free to soar into the sunrise, to find his dreams…..
    And all because that one little spark believed in him…

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