About Us

Writing is a deeply personal craft

I’m Riva Pomerantz, journalist
and bestselling author of twelve novels

In my two decades as a professional writer, I’ve had the privilege of working for a wide range of leading publications and organizations in the Jewish world, including AMI Magazine, Mishpacha Jewish Family Weekly, Aish.com, Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation, and The Cleveland Jewish News, to name a few. Writing is my passion and privilege, but even more than getting my own pieces published, a big drive of mine has also been mentoring other writers and helping them grow. The Jewish world is hungry for great, frum writers, and my motto is if you’ve got talent, you MUST get it out there!

So now I’m doing something about my aspiration. I’m launching Masterpiece, the premier writing community for frum women. Here, we will come together to create, to support, to build confidence, and to discuss all things writing. It’s an awesome home for writers of ALL levels, at all stages and ages. What we have in common is our craft, our values, and our desire to connect so and be inspired. There’s all sorts of surprises in store—prizes, writing contests, even the opportunity to get noticed by prominent publications! Best of all, it’s confidential and exclusive. You are free to interact with members using your real name or a screen name, as you wish, knowing that respectfulness and sensitivity are the hallmark of this Community.

Never spend another lonely night procrastinating on writing that piece. Simply reach out, 24/6, to your writing sisters to get you going! Struggling with a bad case of writers’ block? Simply turn to your Community for great ideas to stoke your creative spirit and boost your confidence!

It’s all here and it’s all tailor-made for YOU! Come join the club. I can’t wait to meet you.


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